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Afghan Refugee Crisis 2021

The recent fall of Kabul to the hands of the Taliban has significantly impacted the cases of all Afghan asylum seekers living in the UK and of their relatives already here or stranded in Afghanistan.

Failed Asylum Seekers to make fresh application

Many asylum cases have been refused by the Home Office and subsequent appeals dismissed or refused on the basis that Kabul was a safe place for asylum seekers to return to. 

Under the Immigration Rule 353, it may be possible to make further submissions.  The Home office will consider a fresh asylum claim where:

  1. There is a change of country conditions
  2. There is a change in a person’s personal circumstances or
  3. There is new evidence relating to the asylum claim already made.

The current situation in Afghanistan means that you can make a fresh asylum claim to meet the criteria mentioned as the current situation in Afghanistan shows that Afghanistan is no longer a safe place to return to.

Therefore, we request all such Afghan clients and potential Afghan Clients whose previous asylum claims were refused,  to contact us immediately so that we could advise on making a fresh application to the Home Office under the Immigration Rule 353. We will also inform you of the criteria of the resettlement route in relation to your family members living in Afghanistan.

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